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GROUP INVEST IN We bring Investors together as privileged shareholders in an acquisition corporation to buy profitable online businesses. No startups or high risk projects! SEE DETAILS PROFITABLE ONLINE BUSINESSES

We Find Profitable Businesses

Our team of professionals search daily for profitable online businesses that match our criteria

We Bring Investors Together

Investors can group invest in profitable online businesses and own a part of much larger websites

We Run & Improve the Business

We take care of all the business needs(development, marketing, legal, accounting) and prepare an exit plan

We’ve made group investing a simple and transparent process, with built in tools to keep you up to date with your investments. We find quality and profitable online businesses, so you can focus on what matters most to you – investing in the next big thing. Read more HERE

Revenue and Progress Reports

  •   Detailed revenue report.
  •   Detailed expenses report
  •   Growth and potential report
  •   P&Ls
  •   Projections

What Makes Us Different