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Who We Are

We are a team of professionals with over 17 years of experience in buying and selling profitable online businesses. is the leading platform in online investment business management.


Our Mission

To be the group investment platform of choice for our privileged members by generating superior, investment returns. We aim to build a portfolio of sustainable online businesses, driven by established goals to build shareholder value

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leader in offering high quality online businesses with potential  for group investing. To be the partner of choice for business owners that are motivated to achieve their full potential

Providing the Best Group Investment Options


We Have More Than 17 Years Practical Experience

We’ve been buying, growing and selling online businesses for over 17 years. Previously we used our own funds for all the deals, and occasionally allowed some investors or partners to join. We decided to expand this business opportunity and allow a group of people to put their money together and acquire bigger and more profitable businesses. Our platform offers a unique opportunity for several investors to group and invest in larger online businesses. Instead of putting all of your funds into one website, spread it among multiple by participating in our group investing platform. Every month we list at least 2 businesses for our privileged members to consider investing.

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What Makes Us Different


No Up-Front Payments

We don’t collect any payments until an actual business is presented on the platform for investing

Investing in Profitable Businesses.

We offer group investment options in profitable online businesses with min. of 2 years financial history

Provide Financial Advise Icon

Passive Income

Our team of professionals is responsible for all the operations and developing the business further

Fully Transparent

We provide all the details needed to make an informed investment decision.