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    What is Group Investing

    We’ve been buying, growing and selling online businesses for over 17 years. Previously we used our own funds for all the deals, and occasionally allowed some investors or partners to join. We decided to expand this business opportunity and allow a group of investors to put their money together and acquire bigger and more profitable businesses. Our platform offers an unique opportunity for several investors to group and invest in larger online businesses. Instead of putting all of their funds into one online business, they can spread it among multiple by participating in our group investing platform. Every month we list at least 2 businesses that our privileged members can invest in.

    How Does Group Investing Work?

    When our team of professionals find and approve an online business for investment, we list it with all the details here.
    Once the listing is live, all of our privileged members will have an opportunity to invest а different percent of the business. When 100% of the investment amount is reached, we close the deal. We require at least 10% involvement.
    We will also provide an opportunity to our members to discuss the business they are planning to invest in and get to know each other before the final commitment is made.
    Our support and financial teams will be on stand by to answer any questions investors might have during the entire process.

    Group Investing Process

    Day 0 to 8 - Getting Familiar with the Business Details
    Day 8 to 12 - Answering Questions
    Day 12 to 18 - Sending Requests for Investing Percent
    Day 18 to 22 - Meet Other Investors in the Business
    Day 22 to 27 - Signing Contracts
    Day 28 to 30 - Closing the Deal

    What Makes Us Different

    You Invest in Actual Profitable Businesses

    Our investment proposals are based on actual businesses we find, verify and list on Our members can see and inspect the business before making an investment decision.
    Each business listing has a presentation and full details about the business operations

    We Don't Collect Any Upfront Payments

    Our investing process is lot different than an investment fund where funds are collected and then invested. See our simple steps below:
    1. Our team of professionals finds an online business which we consider as a good investment
    2. We verify all the business details
    3. The business is listed on the platform and open for investment offers
    4. Our privileged members can invest any percent of their choice (min, 10%)
    5. When 100% is reached, we close the deal
    6. transaction is opened with the seller
    7. Each investor sends the amount he/she is investing directly to
    8. Domain and assets transfer
    9. Funds released to the seller.

    You Choose What Percent to Invest

    We offer an option to our privileged members to invest any percent they like, based on the potential they see in the business. The minimum investment percentage is 10%

    We Participate in Every Business

    To ensure a maximum commitment and motivation, we participate in every business with a minimum of 5%.
    Our team of professionals is working very hard to make every business we operate a successful venture

    Minimal Involvement. We Manage the Business for You

    Most of our investors are very busy so they prefer a minimal or no involvement in running the businesses. Our team of professionals is responsible for handling everything that is needed to run the business and develop it further.  That includes but is not limited to developing, marketing, support, and SEO. We offer a passive income for our busy privileged members..

    Fully Transparent Business Operations

    The entire investment process is fully transparent to all participants. We provide all the details needed to make an informed investment decision

    Investors Get Their Profits Paid Every Six Months

    ProInvestors will pay profits to investors in all projects every six months